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The Madison Wolves

Fox Run

Michaela Redfur is a were fox living a quiet life in Bayfield, Wisconsin. She has a quiet job that gets her out of doors and avoids the werewolves as if her life depended on it. Which it does.

That all changes early one morning when Lara Burns, the Madison Wolves alpha, introduces herself, much to Michaela's chagrin. Lara explains to Michaela that "we only want to talk", but when a werewolf comes knocking on a tiny, delicate foxes' front door, Michaela knows talking is the last thing in the wolfy mind.

This novel is 93,000 words and is the first in in The Madison Wolves Series.

Fox Play

Having now agreed to a commitment relationship, Michaela and Lara turn their attention to a new threat. Durian, alpha of the Chicago wolves, wants Lara's pack for himself in order to replenish his dwindling power.

In the meantime, Michaela faces her fears built from the past while struggling to find her place in the pack.

Fox Play continues the story first begun in Fox Run. This is a novel of 95,000 words.

Fox Mate

Michaela Redfur has been accepted into the wolf pack as their fox, and a wedding with Lara, the alpha, is in the planning. But being accepted into a close-knit clan is not simply a formality. There are rites of initiation and you know you are truly accepted when the dark and ugly is accepted along with the good.

In Fox Mate Michaela, the lone and orphaned fox, finds out how acceptance works - wolf-style: some rough play, lots of love especially when a pack- member is in need of help.

Michaela struggles to hold things together and find peace in time to save the wedding.

This is a novel of 110,000 words. The novel deals with traumatic issues from Michaela's past and contains some graphic violence and scenes that may be disturbing to sensitive readers.

Fox Afield

Lara and Michaela depart on their honeymoon, combining a vacation into an opportunity to practice diplomacy with another werewolf pack. Their honeymoon is interrupted by a frantic phone call to Michaela from an old friend.

The wolves along with Greg Freund's team rush back to Wisconsin to right a wrong, but the clock is ticking.

Michaela and the wolves must go undercover to solve the mystery. In the meantime, Lara's overly-protective nature fires, leading to stress between Lara and Michaela.

This novel of 90,000 words is the fourth Fox novel.

Fox Rematch

Michaela and Lara have been married for a year when Elisabeth and Angel approach Michaela with a werewolf tradition: ransom night rematch.

Michaela accepts.

This is a short novella of 20,000 words. It is set to begin immediately (seconds) after the events from the final chapter of Fox Mate and, as such, is actually after the events in Fox Afield but prior to Fox Revenge. The story represents Michaela's ransom rematch and, as such, contains some unpleasant experiences. If you didn't care for the ransom night in Fox Mate, you won't enjoy this short. This story contains some important tidbits, but it is okay to skip reading it.

Fox Revenge

Lara is pregnant with twins, and Michaela is fiercely protective. This turns out to be a very poor time to take in a refugee from a neighboring wolf pack, and things grow more difficult when the neighboring alpha demands the wolf's return.

The resulting troubles put Michaela on the opposite side of the issue from Lara, Elisabeth and the rest of the pack, adding stress to all relationships.

This is a novel of 84,000 words.

Fox Dish

While pack shows its delight with the arrival of Lara and Michaela's babies, Michaela vows to keep Celeste and Rebecca safe from all directions. This includes dealing with old enemies.

Michaela's actions have unexpected results, landing Michaela in a fight for her very existence, squared off against everyone she once thought was a friend.

This 75,000 word novel is the sixth in the Madison Wolves series. It completes the story arc begun in Fox Revenge.

Fox Lost

All has been quiet for Michaela and Lara for two years, but the peace of the compound is broken by a daring incursion. Michaela finds herself forced to choose between her own safety and that of a complete stranger's.

Fox Lost is an 83,000-word novel, the 7th in the Madison Wolves stories, and continues two years after the events in Fox Dish.

Fox Fate

Michaela has begun to wonder whether she is the last living werefox -- and sets out to unearth the answer. Her search will take her to New Orleans to again meet with Carissa along with a few of Carissa's guests.

But the stress of the trip puts stress on Michaela's relationship with Lara and all the enforcers of the Madison Pack.

This 66,000-word novel introduces several new characters we will see again in future novels.

Wolf Watch

Zoe Young, an environmental activist, spends her days recording the activities of the wild so that she can help protect it. When her cameras catch Elisabeth, Zoe is mesmerized and sets out to learn who she is. Unbeknownst to Zoe, Elisabeth and company are also plotting to find out just who she is -- and why she wants to know so much about them.

Wolf Watch is told in large (several-chapter) pieces from Zoe's perspective and Elisabeth's. All our friends from the Fox stories are here: Michaela, Lara, Angel, Scarlett, Karen, and Portia (the newest enforcer for the pack). Told after the events in Fox Lost, this new series explores the lives and loves of others in the Madison Pack.

This is a novel of 73,000 words.

Wolf Ways

Zoe struggles with her position in the pack along with her relationship with Elisabeth.

In the meantime, Michaela meddles and becomes perturbed when some of her attempts are thwarted.

This is a novel of 131,000 words. It is told entirely from Zoe's perspective.

Wolf Women

Zoe finds joy in her new relationship with Portia. Along the way, she expands her position in the pack and explores the concept of motherhood.


My name is Annabelle Delacroix: long, sleek, and melanistic black. Well, in fur, anyway. I live in New Orleans.

When one is a werejaguar living in New Orleans, and when Carissa, the Queen of New Orleans asks, "Would you visit Wisconsin with me," you visit Wisconsin with her.

I've fulfilled far worse requests.

This is a novel of 130,000 words and follows the events from Fox Fate.

Jaguar Choice

Her relationship with Elisabeth complicated and uncertain, Annabelle Delacroix returns to New Orleans. One of Carissa's vampires complicates the situation further

After violence comes to New Orleans, Annabelle is worried she is becoming the monster some humans fear. She leans on her friends.

When Elisabeth arrives in New Orleans, open to a relationship, she doesn't receive quite the welcome she expected.

This novel resumes immediately after the events in Jaguar but is best read after Omega Born and Omega Life.

Omega Born

My name is Bree Callahan. I'm 29 and still living with my parents, but only because my mother engages in Tear Manipulation every time she catches me with apartment ads. But life is good. I have a job, a good home, and a fabulous relationship with Mom and Dad.

But then sometimes life happens, and sometimes when life happens, a girl just wants to run away, run far away from all of it, run somewhere where she'll be safe and loved.

Run away to Michaela.

This is a novel of 150,000 words, the 13th novel in the Madison Wolves series. The events take place in the autumn after Jaguar.

Omega Life

Bree Callahan has largely settled into her new life with the wolves and one little fox, but there are always more surprises, more things to learn, and her place to figure out.

Omega Life is the second in Bree's three-part story. This is a novel of 125,000 words.

Fox Short Stories

These stories are priced on Amazon at 99 cents, the lowest price Amazon will allow me to charge. But I can put them up for free promotions on a limited basis.

Note that unless otherwise noted, all these stories are from full length novels that are currently works in progress. Thus, these little shorts will appear inside longer novels in the future. Someday.

The stories are told from various perspectives. Hunting Pups is from a story that Michaela is telling us. The next two I put out will be told by Elisaeth. I'm sure there will be a few stories from Angel, Scarlett, and some of the other wolves.

Hunting Pups

Michaela takes her family for a run in the woods and teaches the pups, Celeste and Rebecca, how to catch rabbits.

This is a simple short story of 5,000 words, taken from the introduction to Fox Fate, which is not yet published. The story stands on its own but is best read after reading several of the Fox novels. Chronologically speaking, it is set after the events from Fox Lost and Wolf Watch.

Fox in Hiding

Michaela is frustrated and needs some time away from the wolves.

This is a short available only from my website. Click the image to download the mobi.

Fox in the Water

Michaela, as scrappy as she can be, is no match physically for the wolves. When Lara, Elisabeth, and Serena decide to tease Michaela, it seems they get away with it.

But the little fox has tricks of her own.

This is a short story of 5,000 words. It is taken from early in Fox Found, which is not yet published, but serves as a complete story. This story is told from Elisabeth's prospective, and we get a chance to see through her eyes when the wolves team up against the little fox.

Fox Opponent

Since joining the Madison wolves, Michaela continually finds herself facing off against the established partnerships that have long existed within the pack. Sometimes this conflict acts as a source of stress.

In Fox Opponent, we discover that the little fox is, well, clever as a fox.

This is a short story of 6,500 words. It is a segment from Fox Found, not yet published, and is told from Elisabeth's point of view. This is a complete story but will appear in the full novel once published.

This is a chance to see the fox and her antics through Elisabeth's eyes.

Snow Fox

This is the first in the Ski Bindings Short Stories, a series featuring love and lust (and perhaps a few well-placed knots) amongst the slopes.

Lara plans a series of surprises for Michaela, some of which the little fox enjoys far more than others. Michaela's frustration grows and threatens to boil over before all the surprises have been exposed.

This is a short story of 10,000 words.

Other Novels in the Madison Wolves Universe


Moira is able to see something few others see: the aura that surrounds people. What she doesn't understand is what it all means. And then she meets Arianna, who definitely knows what it means.

Arianna recognizes Moira's unique gifts, and she isn't going to let them go to waste, regardless of Moira's consent.

This is a novel of 75,000 words.

Kitty Cat

My name is Catherine McGuire, but my best friend and sometimes lover calls me Kitty Cat. It's a name I've carried since shortly after we met in middle school. I hated it at first, but it grew on me, much like Allie grew on me.

I'm a private investigator. I've investigated some weird things over the years, so having the target of my investigation tell me she was a witch? Well, in my line of business, I've heard it all.

But maybe trying to steal from her wasn't such a great idea.

This is a lesbian urban fantasy novel of 100,000 words.


Sidney Welch is a seer, her visions coming in her dreams. Even though she can't control it and can't usually explain it, Sidney knows that when she sees something, she can count on it to be real. Which is why she can't explain this most recent vision, when she is taken captive by a beautiful vampire.

After all, vampires aren't real.

Solange Casper, senior partner for Casper and Associates, suddenly becomes all too real after Sidney's vision, and when sparks fly between them, Sidney decides to pursue them, come what may.

This is a novel of 79,000 words and is continued in Seer: Thrall.

Seer: Thrall

Seven months have elapsed while Sidney was trapped in her plastic-wrapped cell. Solange agrees to release her, but there are stipulations.

Seer: Guardian

The third in the Seer series, Sidney has settled into her relationship with Solange but now faces consequences from events in Seer: Thrall. Gideon, the Master of Atlanta, represents risk. For now, the threat of war simmers, but an that last forever?

In the meantime, Dolores remains an integral force in Sidney's life. Sidney maintains a protective attitude towards Dolores, shielding her from the risks of a world in which vampires are real.

While dealing with all of that, with help from Solange and Aubree, Sidney puts her life back together.

This is a novel of 140,000 words.

The Amazon Books

Amazon Companion

Maya Softpeace is a schoolteacher from the oceanside village of Gallen's Cove in the world of Morehama. Gallen's Cove is a peaceful village, except of course during winter gales.

But one day, the peace is broken by a band of Amazon women, who round up the villagers. "This village has broken our centuries-old agreement," the head Amazon explains. "We keep you safe from the demons that would overrun this world, and for that, you must tithe to us so that we may be free to keep the demons at bay." And tithe, it turns out, includes fresh Amazon recruits.

Maya finds herself the most unwilling of recruits taken away from Gallen's Cove, and soon finds herself bound to Malora, the Amazon queen, as her companion. Maya, a schoolmarm at heart, struggles with the Amazon life and finds herself failing for the first time in her life, failing to fit in to the new lifestyle expected of her.

And then Maya meets her first demon.

This is a fantasy novel of 142,000 words.

Amazon Challenge

Maya has been an Amazon for three years and has settled in as a critical member of the village. The companion shortage has improved, but all the Amazon villages are still under a lot of stress, and both nerves and relationships are beginning to fracture

It was the worst possible time for a major demon incursion.

This is a novel of 100,000 words and is the second of the Amazon series.

Amazon Chief

Spanning decades, Amazon Chief tells Beria's story beginning with her introduction to the Amazons through her times as a companion, eventually rising to village chief.

This is the third novel in the Amazon series, overlapping the events from Amazon Companion and Amazon Challenge, but told from Beria's point of view, then moving forward well past those events.

Amazon Chief is a long novel of 228,000 words, about half again longer than the previous books.

We visit our friends from Amazon Companion and Amazon Challenge: Maya and Malora of course, Nori, Omie and Vorine, Aura, Neela and Bea, and many others. We even spend time with Tamma and Lia, the girls from White Pine we met in Amazon Challenge. When we again meet Lia, she is a mother of two young girls.

There is love. There is loss. There is hope for the future of the Amazons.

The Selected Series


Sapphire Fletcher is a 25-year-old woman at the beginning of what promises to be a successful career.

Bronze, an extraterrestial warrior woman, who wants Sapphire as her own and will stop at nothing to have her.

Jasmine, the puppetmaster, pulling both their strings.

Moirai, a member of the Temier, the saber-tooth aliens, and Sapphire's only friend as she is...


This is a 100,000-word novel, the first in the two-part Selected series.


Bronze, the alluring alien warrior.

Sapphire, her prisoner, deep, deep in space.

Secrets, some shared, some shared, some hidden.

Bronze hopes for love, a willing mate. Sapphire hopes for happiness. Both fear the secrets.


Skye Andrews is cute, friendly, and 18 years old. The eldest daughter of a cook for The Center, she has a romantic view of what it means to be a mating candidate for the aliens. Bronze and Sapphire secure an interview for her with Jasmine Brighteyes. Jasmine decides Skye is intriguing, but a touch immature. She sends Skye to college.

Bluebell Beamer is the Catseye administrator at the Boston testing center but also teaches Catseye at Skye's college. The two meet, and Bluebell is impressed with Skye's dedication to learning Catseye coupled with her obvious comfort with the aliens. She introduces Skye to her family. Skye readily charms Bluebell's family.

This is the third in the Selected series. It is a very long novel of 177,000 words.


Andromeda Hayes is having a bad day, going from bad to worse. Her roommate's dog adds a complication to the morning routine. At work, bad news arrives. And when she gets home, the aliens have a surprise waiting for her.

This is a long novel of 225,000 words, the 4th in the Selected series.


Events for Audra Andrews and her family continue with a heated discussion of Jasmine's request. At Bluebell's urging, Audra capitalizes on the opportunity to achieve something she didn't even know she wanted.

This novel of 95,000 words is the 5th in the Selected series.


Life was good for Galatea Heavenly Rice, until it wasn't. But changes in her life attracted attention from the aliens, and she is summoned for re-testing.

The 6th in the Selected series, Galatea is a very long novel of 235,000 words. It overlaps the events from Recruited. If you liked the others in the series, you will enjoy Galata.


It's time for the aliens to let the world know the truth behind Testing, and Yvette D'altrea is just the one to put a pretty face on the message.

But in the the meantime, Yvette has her own adventures, courtesy of Jasmine Brighteyes. All does not go well, and Yvette's relationship with Audra and the aliens is at significant risk.

Along the way, Yvette meets some wookies, a Kitsune or two, a few Hobbles, and several Catseye. She makes a movie or six, including one with a rather unexpected costar.

This is a novel of 220,000 words, the 7th in the ongoing Selected series.

Selected Assistant

Taisha Saint-Heart is the newest team member of Hunt Robotics. When the aliens can't solve a serious problem with Muriel's avatar, they invite a small team of robotics experts from Hunt to help resolve the issues.

Of course, a trip to Beginnings comes with more adventures than those found in Bay's robotics lab.

This is a novel of 160,000 words.

Selected Student

Precious Mosley is a college freshman when she receives an unexpected visit from one of the aliens. Who said being a science nerd was boring?

This novel is 205,000 words. It covers a multi-year period after events from Beginnings and Selected Assistant.


My name is Angelique Spirograph Nebula. I am a Luxan, living on the space station. My sister-in-law, Isla Butler Medusa Nebula, is also my best friend. When I see her and my brother together, I want what they have. I want the love of a human woman of my own.

But I could never do to another woman what was once done to Isla. After all, she became Benjamin's mate before the humans knew why we Tested. She faced unknown aliens in the arena, where my brother won the right to woo her.

Now, she loves my brother. And she loves me as a sister. But the rest of her heart wishes to return to Earth, and the conflict tears at her.

How can I do that to another woman?

But Isla has decided I need my own wife, and she is quite determined. When she turns on her puppy dog eyes, I am helpless to them.

The only lingering problem: how am I to decide?


What would you do for your best friend? I've known Chloe Richards since long before anyone knew my name. She's been there when I've really needed a friend. So when she called and asked for a favor, the only possible answer was, "I'd do anything for you, Chloe."

Anything turned out to be far more than I expected. Meeting with my top competition, Yvette D'altrea was surprisingly pleasant.

The new few encounters were just a little more surprising.

Tales from The Beginnings

About the Tales from the Beginnings series:

Lottery is the first in a set of stories set at Beginnings, the alien resort from the Selected series. These stories can be read in any order after one has read the Selected series through Beginnings. Lottery is 90,000 words. The stories are meant to be shorter and simpler than the novels from the Selected series.


"I won the alien lottery, Priscilla!" Mercy told me, the excitement clear. "Ten days at Beginnings." She grinned. "For two. Be my plus one."

Adventures of a livetime have started with less announcement than that, but not very often.

In this story, we'll spend a little time with some of the familiar species from Selected while getting to better know a few others.

Selected Roommate

Libra Church receives an unexpected phone call from a woman with an accented voice. Libra had registered for the waiting list at Beginnings, and the Catseye was calling her to make a rather unusual offer. Would she care to visit Beginnings if she were to share a room with several other human women?

Of course she would.

Libra and her new friends arrive at Beginnings and share a variety of adventures. Along the way, they meet many of our old friends and a few new ones.

This is a novel of 75,000 words.

The Pawn Series

About the Pawn Series

This is a three-novel series beginning with Pawn, in which we meet Yallameenara, a young girl of the Arrlotta, the Horse People, living a nomadic life on the high steppes of The Hippa. Yalla becomes a pawn in the political games of adults, a future bride, traded during peace negotiations.


I'm no one's pawn. Not with my skills. I may outwardly kneel in allegiance, but when I do, it is by my choice, and only my choice. In more private settings, well, in the words of my people, "She carries the spear from that hut."

It's never meant as a compliment.

No, I'm no one's pawn.

Not anymore.

Yallameenara is a 13-year-old girl of the Horse People when the strangers come to The Hippa. Soon, Yalla finds herself taken from everything and everyone she knows, the pawn in a game of politics and diplomacy.

This is a long novel of 170,000 words and is the first in the three-novel Pawn series.


Yalla's story continues in Bishop, published July 7, 2016.


It has been nine years since Yallameenara accepted the Goddess Yahamala into her heart, and into her life. In those intervening years, she married Princess Juleena and Princess Alta, and between them, they have four beautiful daughters.

In Bishop, Yalla continues her life as wife, mother, daughter, princess, and high priestess.

She is Lady Yallameenara, Princess of Framara, Lady Ambassador of the Arrlotta, Beloved Granddaughter of Arrlottan Clan Chief Gandachardat, Valued Daughter of the Three Cats Tribe, Companion of Honor, Heart of the Wind, Duchess of Havenshade, , Duchess of Indorítanda, High Priestess of the Goddess Yahamala.

Games People Play

About the Games People Play series:

Several months ago, I decided I enjoyed writing about games. Anyone who reads my work knows this already. And I realized that there could easily be stories that centered around a simple question.

Do you want to play a game?

Do You Want To Play A Game

On a vacation to London, Brandy finds herself well outside her comfortable box. It begins when a woman named Precious invites her to play a game, and it just grows more intense from there.

This is a story about self-discovery. It is a story about joy. It is a story about climbing out of our comfortable boxes. You could, if you like, consider it one big metaphor.

Or if you like, take it at face value.

This is a novella of 20,000 words.

My Soul To Play

Detective Teigan St. Claire, formerly of the Crimes Against Children unit, receives a phone call from an old friend. "My cousin is missing, and the cops aren't doing a thing about it. Can you look into it?"

When she does, the leads go firmly down the rabbit hole, landing in the office of the alluring and exceedingly dangerous Evaline Marsh. Ms. Marsh is far more than she appears, and she has a proposition for Detective St. Claire.

"If you want answers, you will play my game."

This is a novel of 80,000 words.

My Soul To Lose

Detective Teigan St. Claire of the White Collar Crimes division has lost her game with the demon, Evaline. Her soul is forfeit.

But not all demons are created equal, and life as Evaline's pet is a far better experience than Teigan would have expected.

Things change.

This is a novel of 130,000 words and is the sequel to My Soul to Play.

Warning: The cover image is more than a hint. This is a dark novel.

My Soul To Win

Teigan St. Claire, former detective of the Minneapolis Police Department, has been in Hell for 25-years, the personal property of a the demon Theophania. But things change, and she finds herself back on Earth, getting her bearings.

But she is on a mission, and souls are at stake.

This is the final volume in Teigan's story, and picks up where My Soul to Lose left off.



Claary Rosebush is a barmaid at the The Baby Blanket Inn, the family business, a pub in Charth, the capital city of Charthan. Her entire world -- and that of everyone she knows -- is turned about when an invading army from Ressaline surrounds Charth and declares all of Charthan annexed.

The Ressalines bring changes, dramatic changes. Claary must decide whether to accept them or fight them.

This is a fantasy novel of 175,000 words.

Author's Notes:

Don't buy this book.

I'm serious. I didn't want to write this book, but it got stuck in my head, and I had to write it so I could think about other things. There's a longer explanation in the Author's Notes in the beginning of the book. But in short, Encircled has several key concepts that will offend some people.

Along the way, there's sex. A lot of sex. A lot of it is pretty kinky sex.

In fairness, one of my beta readers admitted that reading this story was, "A guilty pleasure, a very guilty pleasure." She also told me I was going to get a lot of heat if I publish it.


Allium Cuprite is a road crew department head for the Flarvorian Ministry of Transportation. In the execution of her duties, she rises to the attention of the Flavorian King as well as the rather intimidating Duchess Olivia of Ressaline, Flarvor's neighbor to the north.

Not entirely willingly, Allium is drawn into politics and diplomacy as Lady Olivia hopes for improve relations between two countries.

Author's Note: I was looking for a guilty pleasure to read one evening. When I couldn't find something fun, I decided to write my own. If you liked Encircled, you will like The Delegation.

This is the second in the Ressaline series, and the first in Allium's story, to be continued in The Diplomat and then Princess, due in early 2019.


Allium Cuprite has returned to her duties as a department head for the Flarvorian Ministry of Transportation. She is leading a team to the northern portions of Flarvor, repairing roads and bridges, when she receives a notice from the king. "Return to Barrish. I wish to meet with you."

This is the third in the Ressaline series, the second in Allium's story. The third in her story is Princess, due in March or April of 2019.


Allium is angry at Princess Gionna's subterfuge, and begins her preparations to return to Flarvor, hoping to return to the simple life of leading a road repair crew. But Olivia and Gionna arrive to beg her to reconsider.

This novel is the fourth of the Ressaline series that began with Encircled, the third installment of Allium's story.


Crown Princess Ahlianna Cinnabar of Flavor has turned 18 and travels to Charth to spend time with Ressaline friends.

This is the fifth in the series that began with Encircled.

Tiara Part 1

Princess Darfelsa Cinnabar of Flarvor, second in line to the Flarvorian throne, is now 18, still living at the embassy in Charth. She has had her First, and is eagerly waiting for her first practice challenges when King Leander recalls her to Flarvor.

Disappointed and frustrated, she returns home only to find her life is to be upended. Her father needs her to travel to Gandeet to settle a diplomatic issue. Darfelsa learns what she can, and then begins to apply the creative thinking Ambassador Allium has been teaching her for three years.

This novel is the first in a two-part story for Darfelsa. It is a complete novel and safe to read immediately. Part Two is in final edits and will be available very, very soon.

Tiara Part 2

This is part two of Darfelsa's story, continuing immediately after the end of Part One.

Darfelsa returns home from her successful mission to Gandeet. She is welcomed by her family but the waylaid by her mother to accept suitors.

While negotiating those politics, she begins to plan a trade mission back to Ressaline, this time to meet Queen Lisdee.

This is a novel of 215,000 words and completes Darfelsa's story, at least for now.


Ressaline provides a unique opportunity for Fiella Carnelian and her four friends. Freed from limits imposed by family and society, they find an odd sort of freedom.

This is the next sexy novel in the Ressaline series.

Ressaline Cousin

Valsine Sapphire's life takes a dramatic turn when she decides to sneak into Ressaline. The women of Ressaline aren't fooled. Nor are they swayed by her Flarvorian royal connections.

Valsine's First becomes a life-changing event. In Ressaline Cousin, we see her life through her own eyes in a story spanning most of the previously-published Ressaline books.

Galatzi Trade

Galatzi Trade

Cecilia Grace is the head of an imperial diplomatic mission to the planet Talmon, recently discovered by the empire after centuries of isolation. Talmon is a peaceful agrarian planet filled with warm, welcoming people, but some of their customs are rather unexpected.

Misunderstandings piled on top of misunderstandings severely jeopardize Cecilia's mission to Talmon.

This is a novel of 105,000 words. If you enjoyed Robin's previous works, Tresjolie and Amazon Companion, you will enjoy Galatzi Trade.

Galatzi World

Chaladine is daughter of the Vendart of Sudden and is destined to become the future Sudden. But The Empire brings many changes to Talmon, and Chaladine will be forced to make choices between her own happiness and the good of Talmon

This is a novel of 118,000 words and is written from Chaladine's viewpoint. It takes place a short time after the events in Galatzi Trade.

Galatzi Joy

Maddalyn Herschel is a woman of Frantzland, committed to a relationshipwthat turns sour. She turns to her Aunt Anna for assistance and becomes impassioned by Anna's devotion to her vocation. Anna helps Maddalyn and then recruits her into the imperial department of state.

Destination: Talmon.

Galatzi Joy, a novel of 145,000 words, is the third in the Galatzi Trade series and tells the beginning of Maddalyn's story. It is meant to be read after Galatzi Trade and Galatzi World.

Galatzi Life

Maddalyn's story continues with the arrival to Talmon of her mother and closest friends from Tarriton. Maddalyn and her Talmon friends seek to convince the four visitors to remain. In the meantime, events on Talmon continue to progress.

The fourth novel in the Talmon series is 74,000 words.

Greenwood Academy

Mage Unmasked

Mia Pixie Cooke is homeless and having a particularly bad night, garnering far too much attention from law enforcement. The FBI stepping in doesn't help.

But she finds herself at Greenwood Academy for Girls, where she discovers there are more forces in the world than humans and mages.

This is an academy novel, inspired by reverse harem (RH), why choose novels. Without the five boyfriends. There might be a few girlfriends, though. And a werewolf or two. Maybe a lamia and a pair of witches.

There are some triggers. The author does not recommend starting the book right before bed, unless you can read through a few chapters. The last few chapters might be a little rough, too.

Luna Rising

After the wretched betrayal at Greenwood Academy, Mia loses her faith in others. She steals a car and runs from her new life. But Merida isn't going to give her up that easily.

Other Novels

The Boss

The bad news: Phoebe Baker has lost her job. The good news: it is the impetus for creating her own company. As Phoebe goes along on a journey of professional and personal discovery, she makes new, close friends, hires employees, and finds love in unexpected places.

'The Boss' is a very long romance of 200,000 words.

Author's note: This is not a cute little romance. Instead, we watch Phoebe over the years as she grows her business while sacrificing in other ways. A complicated and messy story filled with love and commitment and loss, it's the details and excitement of running a new business and a new life that make the journey worth exploring.

Blood Slave

Melissa Walsh has it all. She is a gifted artist with a good day job as a designer and at night, she creates beautiful, delicate paintings.

But one evening, Melissa makes a mistake, and in a world ruled by vampires, justice is swift and harsh.

This is a paranormal novel of 155,000 words.

This is not a light, happy novel. It does not quite reach the level of horror, but it is not that far off. If the bride ransom night from Fox Mate put you off, then you will not care for this novel at all.

Club Underhill

Club Underhill. Secret and mysterious.

Nicolassa. Beautiful and mysterious.

Just another client for my job at Scallion Accounting Services? Maybe not.

Fitting In

Nicole is a 33-year-old, introverted computer programmer dealing with her own difficulties. At a party hosted by her best friends, she meets Alexandra, slightly older, beautiful, and athletic in a way Nicole could never be.

Sparks fly, but their differences, coupled with the stress of meeting the family, drives the two apart. But the stubborn Alex isn't ready to give up, in spite of Nikki's fears.

This is a novel of 93,000 words.


Fluid is what happens when Robin Roseau decides to write a "light, fluffy" romance.

Jasmine and Tamsin are friends with one thing in common: a joy of scrapbooking. But it so many other ways, they couldn't be more different. Jasmine is reserved; Tamsin is outgoing. Jasmine wears skirts and blouses; Tamsin is fond of leather. Tamsin is gay; Jasmine is not.

And yet, in spite of their differences, there is a mutual attraction, and sparks fly from the first night they meet.

Fluid explores intimacy and the fluidity of sexuality.

This is a novel of 70,000 words.

Free to Love

Jennifer is a southern woman with a past, now living in San Diego. Much to her chagrin, she gets sent to Wisconsin in the winter for work, where she meets Jennifer, who has her own secrets she is hiding.

The two form a friendship, but then disaster strikes.

This is a novel of 74,000 words.


My name is Gabriel Jordan, and have I had a wild ride.

I was happily doing my job at the college library when a giant of a woman walked in, asking for someone to serve as a research assistant, and then she turns to me. It wasn't at all my job; I spent most of my time at the library shelving books. But there was something about her, beyond having to duck to make it through the doors. There was instant chemistry I couldn't deny.

But it turns out she's not human. She's not even from Earth. And she wants to take me back to her world with her.

And she's not taking No for an answer.


I am Dr. Amelie Newman, Professor of Elven Studies, and I hate when one of my students plays a prank on me. When oen of them calls and pretends to be the President of the United States, that's definitely over the line.

And then several Men-in-Black types show up in my office. That's who they send when you hang up on the president. She needed me to travel to one of the fae worlds to negotiate a treaty. I'm a college professor, not a diplomat, but the fae asked for me.

But not is all as it seems, and my situation grows dire.

Author's Note: this was supposed to be a short story for a collection of horror stories I'm working on. Like so many ideas I think are shorts, there turned out to be more story than I expected, and the book didn't remain horror. But I kept the elements that originally made me feel it belonged in a collection of short horror stories.


My name is Naraki Mistpaw. My species is called Felid, which came about when an ordinary familiar drew enough magic to save her mistress in peril. When the dust settled, she was no longer an ordinary familiar, but the first of my kind.

My best friend in the entire world is a half-siren named Pisidisi. Her mother is the Sea Mother. I love her to pieces.

That’s neither of us on the cover but instead my very good friend, Senior Enchantor Tberia. You’ll meet her later.

My story has all the things that make a good story: friendship, love, adventure, and unfortunately for me, fear and loss. One word of advice: when you’re a tiny Felid, be very careful of scaring those with great power. They don’t always respond well.

The Interrogation

Bethany from North Carolina is about to lose her job, as her company has been sold to a much larger company in Silicon Valley. She spends the weekend in The Bay Area prior to a Monday morning job interview only to meet the dark and dangerous Katrina.

Katrina is a domme and introduces Bethany to a world she's only imagined in her darkest fantasies.

This novel is 61,000 words. This story features sex between two women, bondage, domination and submission.

Lost in the Words

Jessie Mack is a writer living with her two dogs, the students from the nearby college, and the characters in her novels. What she has in her novels she lacks in her ability to maintain a basic human relationship. She hasn't had a lasting relationship in decades.

Fumiko Hayashi is the aunt of one of the students from the college. She sees something special in Jessie. But even Fumiko's patience is tried when Jessie gets lost in the words.

This is a novel of 75,000 words.

May to September

On her 18th birthday, with high school graduation rapidly approaching, Cristal's grandmother offers her some interesting advice: "Do something outrageous with your summer. Have experiences."

Cristal holds the advice close to her heart.

This is an edgy novel of 85,000 words. It addresses love, loss, and the choices we make in life. Along the way, it challenges some of the mores of society.


Metabrain Corrections implements the newest form of criminal rehabilitation program, only for the most hardened of criminals. Using state of the art, proprietary technology, Metabrain turns the worst convicts into productive members of society.

Jackie Hammond is a reporter. Her publisher sends her undercover at Metabrain to investigate whether they deserve their squeaky-clean image.

This is a lesbian science fiction novel of 95,000 words.

Author's Note: this story has been kicking around my head for a long time. I first read about the main premise years ago. The concept of wirehead addicts is not new, and I believe the first time I read about it was in Ringworld by Larry Niven, originally published in 1970.

Science and engineering give us so many wonderful tools, but nearly any tool can be abused.

Outside The Box

Hi. I'm Alex Franklin. I'm a realtor. Pleased to meet you.

Kids? Sort of. I helped raise Kate's daughter. My lover? Laugh. No. Kate is my little sister. Melody is twelve now. She's the light of my life, and I love it when she calls me "Mom Two".

Seeing anyone? Not currently. But, if you can believe it, Melody has been playing matchmaker lately...

This is a sweet romance novel of 65,000 words.

Poor Little Witch Girl

Lyra is living the dream: running her own bookstore along with her best friends, Felicity and Jaime. Everything is idyllic...until Verity Patrick walks into her life.

"Lyra, you're a witch."

"I'm not a witch. I'm NOT a witch!"

As Lyra struggles to reconcile her past with what seems to be her inescapable future, she works to keep her dreams alive in spite of the pressures bearing down upon her from all sides.

This is a novel of 60,000 words.


Rani Karden finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and becomes a victim of the "civilized" wars of the Five Kingdoms. Along with her brother's wife and children, she finds herself held hostage for ransom aboard the privateer Fleetwind. Sorri Westmere, captain of the Fleetwind, sets out to tame the fiery redhead, but she is soon captivated herself.

Striving to teach Rani that being a hostage isn't as bad as it might sound, Sorri learns that perhaps her choice of careers is an impediment to personal happiness.

Privateer is a fantasy novel of 140,000 words and is the first in the Five Kingdoms series.

Searching the High Seas: Privateer #2

After being left behind on the docks of Southgate, Rani Karden struggles to put her life back together. Glora and her family provide a loving safe haven, but Rani is unable to forget Fleetwind's captain.

But then, Minori asks the right questions, and Rani realizes she is the key to ending the wars that victimize the women and children of Norida.

And Fleetwind is the lock.

This novel of 220,000 words continues the story of Rani Karden and Sorri Westmere.

And their friends.

Starry-Eyed Adventurer

Starr is a 14-year-old girl when she loses her mother. She has never known her father and doesn't know what is to become of her. The questions don't stop when her world-adventuring aunt sails into town and announces, "I'm your mother now."

Join the Starry-Eyed Adventurer as she grows into the woman she'll become.

(After the first chapter, this book is a light, comfortable read. Well, there is a hurricane or two, not necessarily literal.)

Red Paws Inn

Janis Swain runs the resort she inherited from her grandmother, the Red Paws Inn, located on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. The resort consumes her life, and she hasn't had much chance to socialize since Grams passed away.

Alyssa Constantine is about as close to the opposite from the normal clientele to canoe deep into the heart of the Boundary Waters, and she has a history she doesn't share right away.

The two bond over the telling, but Janis's entire life is a six-hour drive from Alyssa's, and a life together would be uncertain.

Secret Society

Blythe Suzanna Montgomery Todd has spent her entire life helping her stern and distant Grandmother Cadence support her "events" and "projects". But when Grandmother Cadence dies, she leaves Blythe her prestigious West Hollow, housing elegant antiques, a gargoyle, and a number of secrets.

And the women of West Hollow have their own secrets, and Blythe is about to learn of them.

This is a novel of 110,000 words. It is at times serious, playful, sexy, and powerful. And, perhaps, a little juvenile, but growing up is overrated.

Sugar Baby

Life doesn't always go as planned. Midway through her college freshman year, Astrid Ann Ahlstrom faces a dilemma. A friend offers a solution, but one with moral implications. Whatever choice Astrid makes will control the direction of her life for years to come.

Astrid makes her decision and then must live with it, doing her best to make the most of it.

But life doesn't always go as planned.

This is a novel of 100,000 words.

Team Building and More Team Building

These are, respectively, a novella and a novel.

Selena Stark is a programmer for a Software as a Service provider. Her company is experiencing severe team morale issues, and the owner decides to implement a last-ditch effort to resolve the issues.

This guilty pleasure read is a novella of 20,000 words. There is a followup novel called More Team Building, due in August, 2019.

I grew up on Gilligan’s Island episodes, and later (for the purposes of this little note), Charlie’s Angels (the original series with Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, and Farrah Fawcett). I haven’t watched the reboot of the latter.

There was an episode of Gilligan’s Island in which the castaways are discovered by a group of people who have some interesting technology; they have rings that control the wearer into doing whatever they’re told. I was old enough to realize how silly an idea that was, but the basic idea still stuck with me.

Later, there was a Charlie’s Angels episode in which the subject of their investigation used hypnosis to commit murder. One of the angels is snared, but of course, it all works out in the end.

The concept of being able to control the minds of others is a recurring trope throughout fiction, with the methods coming in a wide, wide range of ways. Vampires, magic flowers, hypnosis, a variety of parasites, magic, drugs, technology: the methods are myriad.

Because of all this, I grew up fascinated by the supposed promises of hypnosis. I’ve experimented, wondering if it actually works. We’ve all seen videos of stage hypnotist shows. We’ve zoned out to things we find hypnotic. My personal experimentation suggests there’s a lot of hype, but it’s largely hype. Oh, I have no doubt that quit smoking hypnosis programs can help, but they aren’t a magic cure. Someone manages to quit smoking because they want to, and if the hypnosis helps them to focus on it, or to believe they have the strength, go for it.

I think there’s a lot of hype, but it’s just hype.

In spite of my clear skepticism, I continue to think about it. And anyone who has read my past work knows sometimes I let various forms of mind control creep into my work. Creep. Ha. That’s not the right word at all, is it?

But to me, I enjoy the fun stories, the guilty pleasure stories. I like stories where control is used for good, not evil. And I read one of those stories recently, and the next morning, I began work on this story.

So, I offer a bit of fluffy fun, another guilty pleasure. I think we all need those once in a while.

Please enjoy.


Tresjolie is a distant, backwater planet, and Wanda Waverly is the new imperial governor. Governor Waverly is very driven to change the planet from backwater to thriving member of the empire.

The people of Tresjolie are not so happy with her plans, which leads to conflict.

While dealing with the conflict, Wanda meets a native, Audra Flying Lynx. Audra is kind and lovely, and Wanda decides mixing pleasure with her life of otherwise all-business, all-the-time sounds pretty good. Up until Audra kidnaps her and forces her to a tour of the planet to see what exactly the Tresjolians are trying to protect.

Tresjolie is a novel of 97,000 words.


Charity Miller is a simple woman with simple needs living a simple life. All that changes the day she stands at the break room window, looking down into the park across the street.

Seated at the fountain is a woman, a woman dressed all in white.

On that day, Charity's life changes forever.

This science fiction story is just under 50,000 words, putting it on the cusp between long novella or short novel.


A Charming Brew

Jackie Janes is a witch.

Phoebe Mathis is a teacher.

And Lydia Davis is the teenager brewing a recipe to pull the two together.

This is a playful novella of 25,000 words.

A Brew In Time

This is a sequel to A Charming Brew.

Lydia is now 18 years old and truly beginning to look to the future. It is her senior year of high school when romance pops into her life.

This novella is a sweet tale of love, romance, and magic.

Anonymous Bidder

Violetta lets her best friends, Maryann and Marybeth, convince her to take part in a bachelor auction for charity. Violetta's agreement is reluctant, sure the only women who might want have a screw loose.

She feels her suspicions are confirmed when it is an anonymous bidder who wins the date, and things go from weird to weirder after that.

This is a novella of 30,000 words.

The Emergency Claus

While engaged in overly-playful reindeer games, Santa Claus broke his leg. Now it is up to his daughter, Tabitha, to deliver the Christmas presents.

Tabitha has never been interested in the family business and would much rather run her own consulting business based out of Chicago. She is even less interested in marrying some nice young boy to take over as Santa, but there are some nice (and perhaps a few naughty) women she finds more intriguing.

It all comes to a head when Allison catches Tabitha in her role as Santa.

This is a novella of 25,000 words.

In Custody

Jessica Carr is a lawyer specializing in protecting women and children. She witnesses a murder, then, while in protective custody, is framed for the murder of the U. S. Marshal protecting her.

Dillon Duncan is a U. S. Marshal; it was her partner that Jessica is thought to have killed. She tracks down Jessica hiding at a remote cabin in the mountains of northeast Montana, but the two are snowed in before Dillon can return Jessica to face justice for murder.

The two must brave a mountain winter and later evade detection to get Jessica to the original trial.

This is a novella of 25,000 words.


"I didn't want to be here. I really didn't want to be here."

Cosette Powers finds herself facing a mysterious woman who holds Cosette's mother's life in her hands. Mother has again offended someone. What else is new? But this time, this woman has power, and there is a price to pay for offending her.

Cosette is that price.

This is an odd little fantasy novella of 30,000 words, about a 2-hour read.

This is the first in a mini series. When I wrote Lace, I wondered how many unique stories could begin with the same premise. I had the initial scene in my head but then began running different ways it could work. There will be more.

Stark's Dell

Relocated to the isolated farmhouse of her stern grandmother at age 5, Emily struggles to find friends...until she meets Dee Dee. Older and wiser, Dee Dee guides Emily through childhood and adolescence, sharing Emily's deepest secrets.

But Dee Dee has secrets of her own, and it isn't until it is nearly too late that the two friends discover that what they feel runs deeper and lasts longer than even they can imagine.

Stark's Dell is a long novella of 50,000 words.


Cassidy Ellis knows what she wants but has a horrible history trying to find it. What she wants is a woman who ties a good knot but treats her well in the process.

Then she meets Miranda Gogburn. The two share a torrid, passionate, spectacular weekend. Then they must each go back to their regular lives. For Cassidy, this means her job as a deeply introverted computer nerd.

But then fate thrusts the two women together again.

Fate is not always a kind lady.

This is a long novella of 44,000 words.

Short Stories

Cooking For Love

Deb saw herself as short, dumpy, plain, and boring, a former housewife and repressed lesbian who had tried to fit into the expected norm. Her husband had left her three years ago, and in spite of her best friends' efforts, she hadn't had a date since.

Jocelyn was a gorgeous woman with cropped but stylish blonde hair, sharp features, and an athletic build. In other words, the perfect woman in Deb's eyes, and the last woman Deb would expect to want her.

Cooking for Love is an 8000-word short story.

Southern Night

Vacationing in Australia, Amber meets Jackie, several years Amber's senior. Amber finds Jackie commanding and alluring and instigates a meeting.

Southern Night is a short story of 5,000 words.


Jane has a big birthday coming up, and all she wants is a quiet night at home. And maybe a nice dinner with her best friend, Heather. Heather has other plans. Jane's turning the big 4-0, and Heather's gone all out with a surprise party, complete with games, prizes and special entertainment.

The resulting evening is more fun than Jane expected, but even more surprising than the party are the possible consequences of the night.

This is a short novella of 14,000 words.

Sable places an online advertisement, seeking love.

This is the story of the women she meets, and the trust she most show.

This is a short story of 10,000 words.

Writing as Rosetta Robins

Captured by the Raptor

Dr. Janine Stanton is a physicist specializing in the mysteries of time.

Captured by the Raptor is a novella of 23,000 words. This is a parody! You can find it on Amazon or free from this website in several formats.

Reading Order

The Madison Wolves

  1. Fox Run
  2. Fox Play
  3. Fox Mate
  4. Fox Afield
  5. Fox Rematch
  6. Fox Revenge
  7. Fox Dish
  8. Fox Lost
  9. Fox Fate
  10. Wolf Watch
  11. Wolf Ways
  12. Wolf Women

Fox Rematch was written immediately after Fox Mate, although it is set a year later. It can be read safely any time after Fox Mate or skipped entirely. If you didn't care for the bride night in Fox Mate, skip Fox Rematch.

The Fox Shorts can be read any time after the first several Fox novels, but they are all set chronologically some time after Fox Lost. Fox in the Water and Fox Opponent are set after Wolf Ways. You could read Fox in the Water any time, but Fox Opponent has a small spoiler for Wolf Ways.

Other Series

The books in any other series are listed in their preferred reading orders.

Others Stories

All other stories can be read in any order, although Familiar is best read any time after reading Fox Run.